5 biggest questions facing the AFC South & West

AFC South & West





AFC South


5 Can the pass D hold up to get the Texans deep into the playoffs?

4 Will Jadeveon Clowney provide the pass rush opposite Watts?

3 Will either WR Will Fuller or Braxton Miller take pressure off WR Hopkins?

2 Can the Run game recover without RB Foster.

1 Will QB Brock Osweiler become a quality NFL starter?


5 Can Indy survive the new Luck deal?

4 Can the run D ever stop anyone?

3 Can Indy build a run game to take pressure off Luck?

Will Frank Gore continue to run like Al Gore?

2 Did Indy do enough to rebuild a pathetic D?

1 Can the rebuilt O line protect QB Luck?


5 How soon can 1st round pick CB Ramsey and 2nd round pick Miles Jack be healthy & ready to play?

4 Can the rookies on D improve the preformance of the defense?

3 Will RB Chris Ivory finally provide a run game?

2 Can Kelvin Beachum and Mackenzy Bernadeau protect Bortles better than last year?

1 Will QB Blake Bortles continue to grow or level off?


5 Can TN find a RB that can gain 1000 yards? Started Cobb & Anderson last year.

4 Can any WR Catch the ball? Green-Beckham green as new peas & WR Wright coming off injury.

3 Can HC Mike Mularkey overcome the loss of LB Brown & improve the D?

2 Can the reshuffled O line protect QB Marcus Mariota?

1 Will Mariota become the QB TN hoped he would be?

AFC West


5 How fast can Elway get QB Paxton Lynch ready?

4 Can Run game be top 5 this year? It will have to be.

3 Can DV D overcome D losses of DE Jackson & IB Trevathan?

2 Can DV get Von Miller’s signature on a contract? Forge it?

1 Will DV REALLY start ButtFumble Sanchez?


5 Can KC resign FS Eric Berry? Tendered Franchise player 10M

4 Can KC rebuild an O line after losing 2 starters?

3 Can Smith find anyone to catch the ball? Maclin, Albert Wilson???

2 Will QB Smith ever be a playoff quality qb?

1 Can RB Charles regain his form after his injury in G5 last season?


5 When will S Reggie Nelson and Karl Joseph return to work?

4 Can RB Latavius Murray avoid injury & get 1300 yards this season?

3 Can anyone on OK catch a pass other than WR Amari Cooper?

2 Can OLB Irvin give OK Pass rush opposite DE Mack?

1 Will QB Derek Carr avoid late season swoon this year?


5 Can SD survive having 6 UFA TE’S?

4 How big an error was it to take Joey Bosa with their 3rd overall pick?

3 Will Melvin Gordon be better this year?

2 Can SD D survive without FS Eric Weddle?

1 Can SD O line protect QB Philip Rivers?


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