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Note: On NNR today Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports & I reviewed the Browns 2014 season and discussed the needs of the team in the draft and free agency for 2015. The podcast is on https://fryingpansports.com/radio-show/.

ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi has talked about covering the Browns in terms of the 100 years’s war. Unless the Browns are able to convince a veteran QB to come, they will be forced to start Johnny Manziel or a rookie QB in 2015. That could well make the 100 year’s war seem like a weekend in Vermont.

There is almost no chance that the Browns can bring in a quality veteran QB in giving the reputation of instability and lack of solid wide receivers. But there is no chance to bring a quality WR in without a solid QB to throw to him. The best chance the Browns have is to trade for a QB under contract then recruit a veteran WR.

My first choice would be to trade with the Titans for QB Zack Mettenberger. He played college ball at LSU in a pro style offense. He is 24 years old and started 6 games for the Titans. If they decide to take a QB with their 2nd overall pick, he could be available. He has a very strong arm, decent mechanics and the problems off the field were several years ago.

The 2nd choice would be Bear’s QB Jay Cutler. This prospect has a million dollar arm but has not produced enough to justify his 7 year $126,700,000 dollar contract. But the lack of wins is not all on him. His O line has been pathetic. His mechanics suffered due to the lack of protection. He could welcome a trade to a team with a good to very good O line. The money should not be a problem for the Browns. Their cap hit will be 15.5 million because the Bears have to assume the cap hit for the signing bonus. He is 31 but is signed through 2020.

My thrid choice would be the often injured Ram QB Sam Bradford. While he has had injury issues, because they are not concussions, there is hope that he may regain his health and have a productive career. A part of his injury history are due to a less than stellar O line. He will be only 28 in 2015 which should give him a number of years to play for the Browns. The downside of trading for Bradford is that he is only under contract through 2015. That would require the Browns to be able to resign him to a long term contract. If he likes Cleveland and the team, that should not be a problem. However, due to the hard schedule the Browns win total will be down considerably.

With the last 2 prospects the Browns should be able to recruit a quality veteran WR or two. Otherwise, there is very little chance the team will get a veteran WR with 2nd WR skills.

But we know the Browns will hesitate to pull the trigger on this big a deal. Good luck with Johnny Football leading the team against the AFC and NFC west teams.

That is what I think. Tell us what you think by commenting here or tweeting me @NNRonDSN.

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