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NNR Mock Draft 2.0

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To hear the details check out the radio show page where Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports & Tony Williams of Metro New York joined me to talk about this mock.

1 Cleveland Browns QB PR CB S OT Myles Garrett DE Texas A&M
  Clearly the best pass rusher in the draft. Motivated & ready to play        
2 San Francisco 49ers QB G CB C OLB DE Solomon Thomas DE Stanford
  2Y ST good frame & quickness but may be a pr specialist only.     West coast bias?  
3 Chicago Bears PR WR CB S T TE Jonathan Allen DE Alabama
  John Fox will love Allen’s ability to play DE or DT.        
4 Jacksonville Jaguars TE RB DT T G QB? Leonard Fournette RB LSU
  I would never take a RB in the 1st round. He is good but not 1st rounder.        
5 Tennessee Titans CB WR S ILB Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio State
  1.5y st speed & size Twitchy athl that does not hold at LOS. Runs better patterns than WRs.        
6 New York Jets QB OLB CB DE Mitchell Trubisky QB North Carolina
  Takes a risk on a QB that started just 1 year. Good upside but lots of risk       Was OB Haason Reddick
7 Los Angeles Chargers S LB RB WR DE G T QB Malik Hooker S Ohio State
  1Y st Great ball, speed, & athletic ability fluid hips Lacks experience & is injured        
8 Carolina Panthers T DE RB CB Derek Barnett DE Tennessee
  3Y ST Violent hands Has everything but a great burst off the line. Needs to bulk up to stop the run.        
9 Cincinnati Bengals T G DE OLB PR RB Haason Reddick OLB Temple
  2Y st recent riser & 1y wonder 22.5 TFL in 16. Needs strength       Was DE Taco Charlton
10 Buffalo Bills CB S WR T Jamal Adams S LSU
  2Y st Smart, aggressive both @ LOS & deep coverage. Big hitter but can take bad angles to the ball.        
11 New Orleans Saints CB S OLB WR Gareon Conley CB Ohio State
  3y st Fluid hips, size & speed Good tackler & burst to the ball Good ball skills Needs better technique        
12 Cleveland Browns   O.J. Howard TE Alabama
  2Y starter on a team not TE friendly Solid receiver that can block well.        
13 Arizona Cardinals ILB WR QB DT S CB Corey Davis WR Western Michigan
  4y starter 97c 16 Good size & spd NFL body but has avg hands.        
14 Philadelphia Eagles CB WR OT ILB RB DE Reuben Foster ILB Alabama
  2Y st can play in 4/3 or 3/4 scheme Big hitter with power but short & light. Can he stay healthy        
15 Indianapolis Colts T G DE RB CB Taco Charlton DE Michigan
  1Y ST good frame & quickness long arms Miss cast in a 3/4       Was DT Malik McDowell
16 Baltimore Ravens WR OLB CB S Zach Cunningham OLB Vandy
  2Y st good play recognition & atheticism quick in latteral movement, strong but speed is a question.        
17 Washington Redskins ILB DT CB G S RB QB Malik McDowell DT Michigan St
  2Y st Gets off blocks, gets penetration, good natural gifts       Was DT Caleb Brantley
18 Tennessee Titans CB WR ILB CB Tre’Davious White CB LSU
  2y st average size & speed quick hands but has lapses in coverage. Needs tech help        
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers DE DT S RB OT Charles Harris DE Missouri
  2Y ST quickness but may be a pr specialist only. Needs to get stronger & more than a speed rush.        
20 Denver Broncos T G ILB DT DE Cam Robinson T Alabama
  Pulling OT with quick feet solid vs run & pass Played LT for Bama        
21 Detroit Lions TE PR OLB WR G David Njoku TE Miami
  1y starter Good athl & decent blocker but has too many drops in my opinion        
22 Miami Dolphins DE OLB G CB S Jabrill Peppers LB/S Michigan
  2Y st Man without position. S, slot corner, LB Fluid, aggressive but lacks instincts & Hands.        
23 New York Giants LT DT CB ILB TE QB Ryan Ramczyk T Wisconsin
  1 yr @ Wisc tranfer from D2 quick to 2nd level Ath & power Hip Inj may keep him out of 1st        
24 Oakland Raiders MLB DT CB OLB RB Jarrad Davis LB Florida
  2Y st Smart powerful LB but is injury prone.Good blitzer        
25 Houston Texans QB T S OLB Deshaun Watson QB Clemson
  Accurate but trusts his arm too much. 76TD 32X       Was QB Mitch Trubisky
26 Seattle Seahawks T G CB PR DT Kevin King CB Washington
  2y starter with size but speed a ? SE likes tall CBS.        
27 Kansas City Chiefs CB S ILB RB DT DE Dalvin Cook RB Florida St.
  Good rec 3rd down back w/speed & balance. 19TDs in 15&16 Can he stay healthy?        
28 Dallas Cowboys CB S DE DT TE Marlon Humphrey CB Alabama
  2y st size & speed Solid tackler that battles at the LOS. Will be best in M2M because he has tight hips        
29 Green Bay Packers PR CB S RB Quincy Wilson CB Florida
  3y starter that lacks quick twitch. Could be CB or S.        
30 Pittsburgh Steelers PR ILB OLB TE WR T.J. Watt OLB Wisconsin
  1y st Hard worker good blood line but limited exper. 15.5TFL 11.5 sacks Not explosive limited speed.        
31 Atlanta Falcons G DE DT CB S Forest Lamp G W Kentucky
  4Y ST @ LT Will LG due to short arms. Smart & good tech & quick feet Was G Pat Elflein        
32 New Orleans Saints Curtis Samuel RB WR Ohio State.  
  RB or WR? Athl with speed but lacks prime hight & weight Great Acc & chg spd Inj Hist 15        
Los Angeles Rams OT G CB WR      
  Minnesota Vikings OT DE DT G CB      
  New England Patriots G OLB TE      
  1 Dont pass up an elite QB or PR        
  2 Don’t get cute, get your guy        
  3 Get OT a round before you think they will go.        
  4 RB is the quickest position to understand the NFL game.        


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Roger Goodell’s NFL Wheel of Misfortune!

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Ryan Neiman of Sports District Radio is our guest on NNR tonight 6 PM EDT on or http://fryingpansports.com/radio-show/.

“Hi I am Roger Goodell and welcome to my NFL Wheel of Misfortune show! Johnny who is our first victim?”

“Well Roger, it is Arizona Cardinal linebacker Daryl Washington come on down! Daryl has been a bad boy that has been caught taking PED’s for a third time.”

“Well Daryl spin the NFL Wheel of Misfortune!”


“Too bad for you Daryl you get indefinite suspension. That is the worst penalty we give out. It means you have to sit out for 12 months from today and petition for reinstatement. Then Daryl, if I feel like it and you have been a very good boy I might let you back in the league. Of course I might not let you back in too if I am having a bad day. Daryl would you like to appeal the penalty and spin again?”

“Yes please.”

(Buzzer sounds)

“Too bad Daryl. I decided your appeal is denied and you get the indefinite suspension. All in all Daryl that will cost you at least 3 million dollars. Please take our home version of the game as a cancellation prize. Johnny who is our next victim?”

“Well Roger, we welcome Brandon Browner cornerback for the Pats. Brandon come on down!”

“OK Brandon, spin the NFL Wheel of Misfortune! Brandon has been a bad boy as well taking things that are on our banned list.”


“Well Brandon you got lucky. You got just a 4 game suspension! Congratulations. Johnny who is our next victim?”

“Ray Rice, running back of the Baltimore Ravens, come on down! Ray was caught on video knocking his girl friend out cold in a casino and dragging her unconscious out of an elevator.”

“Ray welcome of NFL Wheel of Misfortune. Spin the wheel.”


“Ray, you win the game with just a 2 game suspension! The down side is you will have to marry her to keep her from testifying against you. In the long run that will probably cost you more than a long suspension. You can appeal and spin again if you want.”

“No, that is fine I’ll take it.”

“OK Johnny who is next?”

“Josh Gordon wide receiver for the Browns come on down! Josh has been a good boy that has passed 70 tests but he was a bit over the limit on a test for weed. Josh says it was because he was around people smoking weed.”

“Welcome Josh. Spin the wheel!”

click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click- click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click

“Sorry Josh but it looks like the wheel still spinning. I also have a shout out to a shut in player Jags wide receiver Justin Blackmon. Justin, we are sending you a home version of our game. Well folks, that is going to do it for this edition of Roger Goodell’s NFL Wheel of Misfortune. But tune in soon here on the NFL Channel to find out how Josh Gordon does and the penalty for Colts owner Robert Irsay.”

“Roger Goodell’s NFL Wheel of Misfortune is a production of Roger Goodell and the NFL.”

That is what I think. Tell us what you think by commenting here or tweeting me @NNRonDSN.

NOTE: Check out the live News, Notes and Rumors show on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6 PM Eastern on or http://fryingpansports.com/radio-show/. On Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports, former NFL scout Kelron Sykes and I talk football with just a little Indians and Cavs thrown in. The archive is available on http://fryingpansports.com/radio-show/. Please join us.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He edits http://fryingpansports.com. He has also published several novels on and a non-fiction work at http://www.merriam-press.com/. Follow him on twitter @NNRonDSN to get the schedule of Special News, Notes and Rumors broadcasts. You can hear the previous shows on http://fryingpansports.com/radio-show/ and the live show Mondays at 6 PM Eastern time on .

He also edits http://fryingpanpolitics.org/.

To keep up with the News, Notes & Rumors podcasts, follow me on twitter @NNRonDSN.

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